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Enhance Response Rate with these Direct Mail Marketing Tools

If you implement an effective plan of action assisted by the experts of direct mail marketing companies, building a successful campaign is not as complicated as it appears. To send your message out to your target audience, here are three tools of Mail services that you can leverage.


Believe it or not, more power lies in these tiny unassuming pieces. Used by companies that swear by direct mail marketing channels, postcards have been of the most favorite marketing tools being extremely affordable.

With these pieces, you can keep your message relevant and precise, and to be opened to be read, they are not even required. Most importantly, they are hard to ignore as they reach the doorsteps of your target audience. Majority of the people receiving postcards read them.

In another study, which type of mail would bring forth a response was asked to the respondents for Direct response marketing. Postcards topped the list in the result, and 23.4 percent said that if sent via a postcard, they would reply to an advertisement.


Limited shelf life is available in informational booklets or Brochures used during Direct mail marketing. A brochure, usually available in tri or bi-folds, not only offers ample space to elaborate on prices, offers, tariffs, features, etc accompanied by visuals but also acts as a great tool to give out introductory information about your service or product.

For example, with alluring visuals in its multiple folds, a home improvement store can send its customers a printed guide on house renovation and interior décor tips. Similarly, with a perforated section containing discount vouchers, lip-smacking pictures of pizzas dripping with cheese, scrumptious, a pizza shop can mail a brochure.

When consumers seek information, these informational pieces not only serve as a lucrative tool for a future purchase but also come handy. After all, the possibilities of sales right several folds can be increased by including coupons.


For conducting a survey or even for letting know of a new launch, you could consider using postcards for holiday season sales promotions. For those who have budget constraints, Postcards are the best marketing solution.

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